Are you a leader?


Leadership means so many different things to different people, what does it mean to you? Do you consider yourself a leader? Have you been called to take up a leadership role? Do you feel up to the challenge of being a leader?

So many questions I know, but these are all questions that lead us to wonder what leadership is and are we up to it?


Leadership comes in many guises. Most often we think of a leader as being a strong political figure or business guru. Someone who will take centre stage and speak out loudly for their cause. Some one who loves to be in the spot light, loves to take charge of a situation, loves to be in control. But is this the only type of leadership?


For those of us called to leadership and not wanting to fit that description the answer is good news for us! The answer is NO, this is NOT the only type of leadership and we can follow other, just as valuable leadership models.


Leadership is about having a vision and being committed to making that vision a reality. That vision might be in business, in politics, in finance, in religion, in you hobbies, or in your personal life and relationships. Let me give you some examples:-


A mother with a vision for her family can be a leader if she gently guides and nurtures her family towards that vision she has for them.  She can lead her children by setting a good example, being a good role model, setting standards for them, influencing who they will become. She can lead other mothers around her by showing them positive results in her own life and family.


Leadership is about influencing the people around you, those you come into contact with at home and at work. This can be done very subtly by acting with integrity and honesty doing the things that you want others to do, going first. Leaders always go first but not necessary by standing in front of the crowd and calling for action. Leadership can be a quiet, determined and gently position and still have impact.


A manager may step into a leadership role within his department by deciding to inspire his team to make a change, work more effectively or aim to be the best in the company. He or she might do this with lots of gusto at a team meeting, alternatively they might lead by example, sharing his or her vision one-to-one with individuals, taking time to explain the targets or the changes and getting every one on board. Quietly, gently, determinedly.


So next time you get inspired and have a vision, next time you feel called to lead, next time you  think about what a leader is, think a little differently and then ask Am I a Leader?


Are you a leader?


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