Where did you leave your Dreams?



When I first started to get into goal setting I thought Great! This is easy! All I have to do is set some targets, write them down, read them daily, take some action and I’m there! Magic!


And I did just that, however, in order to continue the momentum of achievement, once you have realised that first set of goals and you’re now moving on to the second or third set of goals I realised that they were all short term, they were all do-able and they were all a bit ordinary.


Someone said to me that I should set longer term goals and that I should dream bigger. And at my fist attempt I realised that not only did I find it hard to envision further than 1 year ahead, but I had the blankest mind ever when it came to dreaming big!


Then a few days later whilst on a shopping trip I found out why I’d lost my ability to dream big. I heard a little girl in the store asking for this toy, and that book, and a trampoline and a fish pond and a swimming pool and a chess set and on and on and on. And then I heard her dad say – For goodness sake! You can’t have everything! Just stop asking.


Aha! How many times as a child do we have our desires squashed, our imagination mocked and our dreams kicked into touch? No wonder as we grow up we learn not to dream any more! I realised there and then that in order to get past my goal setting block I needed to learn to dream like a child again. To go back to the age that I put my dreams on the shelf where the Get Real adults had forced me to put them take them down, open them up and play again!


It was a little strange at first but once I found the memories of how I dreamed as a child it got easier and easier. Pretty soon my dreams were unbelievable, totally unrealistic and very EXCITING!! Yay! Those are the kind of goals to have!! That’s when the real magic begins to happen and you realise that you can live life on your terms and have whatever you want in it!


So where did you leave your dreams? Go back into the child inside you and find the excitement that you had as a child before Christmas or your birthday, dreaming of all the amazing things you have on your list of present. Nurture your imagination, remove all boundaries, take off the shackles of realism and just let your imagination run riot! That’s the way to set goals!

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