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Are you the Leader in your own life? or, are you following a life plan written for you by others? Your parents/teachers/friends/society’s expectations of you? Did you make a conscious choice to do what you do? or did you just go with the flow? Do the next expected thing? It’s time to recognise that we have one life and it is ours to live and be the leader of.

Familiar words – but how many people really lead their lives? How many people decide to be a leader in their own life? Live life on their terms? Following their own hopes and dreams?

For many people that’s a nice idea but I cant because:-

My family relies on me to take care of them

I’m not educated enough

I don’t have enough money

I can’t leave my job

I’m too shy

I’m too old

People from here don’t/can’t

I have too many commitments

It’s too late now

Many. many people live their lives doing what their parents, teachers. friends, employers, society said they should do, would do, expected them to do. Why? Because no-one eve told them that they had a choice!

Wow! That is so tragic! If you are one of those people then good news! I’m here to tell you that it’s your life, the only one you’ll ever have. AND you can choose to lead it your way. You can be the leader in your own life. Fantastic!

So. what do you really want to do with this precious gift of life? Where would you like to go? What job would you like to do? What hobbies would you like to pursue? What would you like to learn? Who would you really like to be? It’s time to stop following everyone else’s life plan for you and put together your own.

Go right now and grab some paper and a pen. Write down everything that you would like to have in your life if you could start it all over again. How you would like to feel, who you would like to be with? What your ideal day would be? – let you imagination run wild. Dream to your heart’s content. Don’t think about how it can be done or whether it is possible or not just let it flow.

When your pen stops and you really are all done go through each one of those dreams (or goals) and next to it write 1, 5, 10, 20 i.e. when do you want to achieve each one by? Within 1, 5, 10, or 20 years from now.

Then, go back and circle your top 3 one year goals. Take a new piece of paper for each of these 3 goals and write down what it would mean to you if this goal was a reality. Why do you want to want it? What will it give you? How will it make you feel? How will it affect your family? What will it mean financially? What will it cost you if you do not get it? How will that make you feel? How will that affect those around you?

When you have done this for all 3 goals write down what one thing you can do right now to start to make it a reality. If it is to learn to sing – go and find out where they hold singing lessons. If it’s to won a new car, go to the garage, pick up some brochures, book a test drive. If it’s to find a new job – update your CV or register with a recruitment agency. Whatever it is – take one small step TODAY to make it start to happen for you.

Have your top 3 goals written on a small card and keep it with you at all times. Read it at least twice a day to remind yourself what you want and why. Each morning before you get up and each night before you go to sleep imagine what it is like to have this thing in your life. Visualise it as though it is already here and celebrate like you already made it happen.

Go for your dreams and start Leading in your own life!


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3 Comments on “Lead Your Own Life”

  1. Last month I had a marvelous time as I engaged in teaching kids at a local elementary school on accepting feedback and relating cross-culturally. I did this through a volunteer organization that I serve with once a week. When I left the school, I met with a friend who told me that he has always had a desire to engage and participate in society but doesn’t know where to begin. I shared with him two key questions that I’d like to share as the key to living an epic life.

    1. What is your dream?

    What is your greatest hope or aspiration for those around you? What do you yearn for earnestly? What do you secretly wish for those around you? Dreams really are the cornerstone of life. Without dreams, life is meaningless. Dreams give substance to existence. They allow us to go beyond mediocre living to living with a zest for life. Dreams activate within us a willingness to embrace higher ideals worth striving for. Dreams are the bedrock of life.

    2. What is your vision? What do you imagine when you think about the future of your community? What do you see yourself capable of achieving? If you had all the resources you wanted in the world, what would you do for other people? Visions give structure to life. They give form to dreams. Without vision life lacks power. Visions provide us with a framework for accomplishment. They enable us to go beyond living with zest to having a zealous pursuit that delivers results. Visions allow us to go from activity to productivity.

    What do you think about this in relation to leading your own life?

  2. teejay648 Says:

    Hi Herman,

    Two awesome questions!
    Re-connectiong to the power of dreams is essential for designing a magnificent life. Developing a strong vision of how that dream will affect you and/or the people around you andseeing the details of the dream is vital in driving you towards its fulfillment. The two must go must go together. Fisrt the dream, then the clear, focussed and vivid image which would also inclde the emotions and sounds that go with it.

    Steven Covey would say – Begin with the end in mind – wise words to live by in order to create anything the way we want it to be.

    What do I think in relation to leadingyour own life?
    It absolutely fits in. As individuals do we drfit along in our society, accepting what goes on and what happens around us? or, do we step up and realise that we can be an active participant, choosing to lead in our life by taking action to get involved in what goes on around us. Leading our own lives often begins with us realising that we have a choice in what happens to us. We take responsibility for our lives and make it happen on our terms, once we master that and feel the freedom, joy and confidence it gives us we often then take the next step – wanting to make a difference in the lives of those around us, family, friends and community.

    Not knowing where to begin is actualy quite normal, what matters is that your friend has a desie to get involved and in order to make tis happen he msut not only develop the dream and the vision but even more importantly take action! Commit to taking a first step even if the goal is not quite clear yet. Being willing to declare to the uiverse that he is serious about getting involved by doing someting – anything – may be the catalyst taht leads to clarity. Be open to possibility, flexible in the how to be involved and willing to ake the first step.

    I love your passion for life, it leaps from the words! Keep blessing the world with your positivity and zest for life!

    Love and Blessings


  3. Awesome. Zig Ziglar has inspired me with his focal question, “Are you a meaningful specific or a wandering generality?” By reconnecting to our dreams (as you say), we become meaningful specifics. Thanks!

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