The Invisible Link

j0407444.jpgWhen you are inspired to dream and that dream becomes a physical entity by writing it on paper something magical happens. An invisible link is formed between though and reality and without needing to know the How your dream can come true!

I met a fellow business adventurer this morning at a networking meeting and we got talking about goals. He said, I’d never really set goals throughout my life until about 9 months ago. At that time I really wanted something more from life and my business and decided to get serious about it. I set 2 goals, with deadlines and really focussed on them. Within 9 months I had achieved them both and they weren’t lightweight goals either! I thought WOW! This thing really works! I’m not sure how – but it works!

That’s what I love about goals. If you set them with a belief that you can achieve them and a commitment to making them happen you don’t have to know the HOW! There’s something quite magical that happens when you capture a dream, write it down and commit to it in your heart. It’s like an invisible link that is formed between your thoughts and desires and the material world. Expressing that thought and making it a physical thing by writing it onto paper that you can touch, feel, see and carry around with you makes it already real even before you see it unfold.

Dream that dream vividly every day and the universe will conspire to make it so. You will have just the right flashes of inspiration, meet just the right people at the right time, find opportunities all around you that you never noticed before. Wit h a passion for your dream will come new depths of emotions that will propel you toward your goals – courage, confidence, joy, energy, determination, assertiveness, intelligence, discipline each one there to guide you and fuel you to this new destiny.

At a gaol setting session recently a gentleman wrote down that in the future he would not only like to continue to exhibit his paintings, but to sell them too. He kept those goals to himself but wrote them down and took them with him. The next time we met he was so excited to tell me that he had really enjoyed the goal setting session, it had really made him think and he had goat a lot out of it. He confided that one of the goals that he had not told me about was the one about the paintings. He had had three paintings in an exhibition locally and when he went to pick them up to his amazement there were only 2 left! One had sold and his goal was already being achieved.

A few years ago my then 6 year old daughter passionately wanted to go to Disneyland. Every time it would come on the tv she would ask if we could go there, and of course I would say yes, one day we will, but at that time as a single parent with so many commitments I had no idea when that day would be. I did however, write it down in my long term goals and then kind of forgot about it. About 10 months later my mother decided that for her 70th birthday she would like to take the family on a trip rather than have a big party. She took us all on an all expenses paid trip to – yes, you got it! Disneyland Paris! Anther goal committed to paper formed an invisible link with reality and happened without me knowing the how!

So whether you believe it or not this stuff works, why not try it for yourself?

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7 Comments on “The Invisible Link”

  1. Todd Reep Says:

    Wow Teejay, you’re something! Found you on the Tony Robbins threads..I am a 44 yr old man in the process of making changes and decisions…I was a stockbroker from 1987-2004…It was my first “job” however, stockbrokers are commission only, self-employed business owners! During that time i practiced goal setting, and always listened to Brian Tracy and TR tapes…After a short while, i became a top producer (within top 10% income earners in industry), and still ended up being fired by my new boss over a personal power struggle (not a smart fight!)…since 2004, I have gone totally self-employed with 8-10 projects/ventures..some Ok successful..nothing to the level i’m shooting for…i have fallen into some bad being lazy, and not writing and visualizing my goals…anyway, my desire is fired back up as of late…it’s crazy what we humans do to ourselves…i know how phenomenal this stuff is, and i have big dream that i fully believe are possible…yet my actions of the past year or so are down right deplorable! now i’m in the process of killing these bad habits…well, it’s no slam dunk…the thing is i’m fuzzy on going for my dream venture…i could easily get back into investment banking and do well…without being passionate….my fuzzy dream involves something along the lines of personal development for adults or even kids…which kinda sounds like coaching, but hey, i’m no teejay! anyway, you’re amazing and thanks for listening…Todd, Asheville NC

  2. teejay648 Says:

    Hi there Todd,

    Great to hear from you -thanks for reading my Blog and sharing your experinces with me. Sometimes it takes for us to go through lifes challenges in order to make us challenge ourselves. Go you for recognising that being lazy with your goals is really not who you are, it’s made you realise that the person who acted deplorably is not some one you aspire to be and has allowed you to aspire to much greater things. I applaud you for daring to have big dreams and knowing that you can achieve them. With regards to the fuzzy dreams – well – you have a beginning, a positive intention, a desire to contribute. Hold on to that desire and seek out the clarity by being persistent in searching for something that will inspire you to go for it with passion. Seek and ye shall find……..a fact not just a familiar phrase. Keep looking and trust that thisz purpose will be revealed to you. Ask the Universe to co-operate with you in making this dream a reality by revealing to you what exactly your purpose should be.

    I wish you every success with all of your new dreams and in bashing old destructive habits. Keep dreaming my friend, keep dreaming BIG!!

    Love and Blessings

  3. Stacy Says:

    TeeJay! 🙂

    I’ve surfaced in the TR community and was wondering how you’re doing.
    I’m happy to see that you’re bright as ever!

    Your post here’s very uplifting. I’ve been following my dream but I want to put my specific goals on paper now.

    I’m back in school to get my English degree, and THEN!! I’m going to get a Ph.D. in forensic linguistics. Writing this down will help me take the necessary steps to make everything happen the way I want. 🙂 I am happy.

    Good to “see” you!

  4. teejay648 Says:

    Hi Stacy!

    Wow! Great to hear from you and I am THRILLED that you are setting goals and going for them big time!! Way to go! Make sure that you also write these goals down somewhere that you will look at them every day and add a few lines about why you must make it happen. Oh – and don’t forget to keep me posted!! I don’t want to miss any celebrations!!

    Love and Blessings


  5. Lubertha Says:

    I’m into travel, I need to stay focused, I want lots of things, but most all to lose weight, it is hard for me to stay focused. I never put it on paper so reading your article about putting things on paper , I’ll do

  6. teejay648 Says:

    Hey Lou!

    I am so thrilled that you have been inspired to put your goals down on paper……you did do that didn’t you? 🙂
    Remember – state them in the positive and as if you already have them in your life. Tell yourself WHY you must achieve them , what it will mean to you if you do and what it will cost you if you don’t. Read them daily and watch the results!

    Go for it!!!

    Love and Blessings


  7. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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