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When Life seems to challenge you….challenge it back!!

June 20, 2007

It’s a little while since I posted on this Blog, the reason being, that as in any good life in order to grow – or discover how much we have grown – sometimes life smiles and throws us a sideball!! Haha!! How we react is a test of our character – or perhaps more accurately – it reveals our character!

One of the reasons for starting this Blog in the first place was to drive footfall to my website. Aaah! Those were the days 🙂 – when I had a website!! And I have to say, to all of you who Blog for that very reason, it WORKS! My hits went up, the enquiries increased and business was looking verrry rosy!

Then – uh oh! Life put it’s tongue in its cheek and decided to have a little fun!

The webserver was closing down, my web domain was due to expire, I had virtually no notice from my web administrator and before I knew it I was up the internet without a web address 🙂 No problem though, I’ll just contact my web man and he’ll sort it all out for me, no meed to be anything but calm about this.

Except that my web man was having a few life challenges….and PC challenges of his own and was offline when I needed him most! Now, I know that everything in life happens for a very good reason, so I’m remaining calm, trusting that it is all perfect. Then, I meet a new web man, he does me some research and rescues me in my hour of need. I KNEW it was all good! I’m still smiling and all is well.

I let webman A know as tactfully and gently as possible that Web man B is now looking after me, I thank him for all that he has done for me and explain that it’s time for me to move on and I think that all is still well. Oops!! All is NOT well – at least not for webman A, he understandably gets the hump and is not willing to facilitate that smooth transition of web domain to webman B and I am sill website and emailess!! But this I know is all still good and meant to be and perfect 🙂

Webman B rescues me once again by registering a new but similar domain – Yipeee!!!

Life says….hang on! She’s still cruising through this challenge – has she really grown THAT much? This is her business we’re talking about! Well, I’m thinking COOL! All this is going down and actually, I feel pretty good about it all. I’m calm, cool, collected. All is as it should be. Life is perfect. Ok – say life. try this. The company that registers domain names in the UK is “co-incidentally” experiencing technical difficulties at the very moment that you would like to register this alternative domain name. How’s that with you? I say – that’s GREAT! No problem. Life is as it should be and all is perfect!

Oh! Says life….are you sure?

Yes! No problem. Nothing I can do about it. Let’s go with the flow. It took well over a week. Over a week without business email, over a week feeling a little cut off from the outside world, over a week without my website. You know what? It’s all perfect. Today I got a step further to being reunited with my customers via email, tomorrow should be the final push :-). My website is entitled to some funding but I have had to delay the meeting with Business Link for 2 weeks (!) because of various commitments on both sides and I can’t start the work AND get the funding until I get the official nod from them after the meeting so it looks as though I will be websiteless for a while longer. I miss it – but I’m learning to live without it! 🙂 and enjoying the challenge of building my business in more creative ways until such a tie that I can direct people through my NEW, Super-duper, improved and all singing website some time in the (hopefully) not toooooo distant future!

I refuse to be deterred, frustrated or demotivated in any way – this life is for living. It’s an AMAZING, SPECTACULAR adventure. Everything is as it is meant to be and I give thanks for the opportunity to test how far I have come and how much I have grown over the last few incredibly magical years.

Everything is perfect.

Whip it on!