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August 27, 2007

Friday 17th August 2007

This morning I had the honour and pleasure to be the guest speaker at a networking breakfast event. I recreated thes black bin bag performance (thank you Steve!) and the impact on the audience was amazing! It REALLY made them go inside and think! AWESOME!

Following that I had several really good meetings with people.

1. A lady who helps people feel confident by looking good – she does the whole thing from consultation to colour analysis to personal shopping…..what she doesn’t do and she is well aware of this…is get to the CAUSE of the lack of self confidence. Tada!!!!! In comes ME!!!! Some synergy here – she would like to refer her clients to me to del with the real issues….I would like to refer clients to her once they have dealt with the issue and want to move forward to change their image! Cool!

2. I met with a solicitor and explored the possibilities of training her company in some of the skills we learned i.e. rapport building, anchoring, conflict management etc. Apparently….her firm does not provide any training of this kind and in her opinion it would be invaluable not just for the solicitors but for the admin/reception staffs well. She is very keen to pursue this training. Also – from a personal point of view she wanted to know did I work with children – her 6 year old daughter is already having self-confidence issues especially at school which are concerning her. I’m thinking – excellent! I can work not only with the child perhaps with Time Line/temporal dynamics but also with the parents to teach them some of the technologies e.g anchoring, “pink elephants” talking to the unconscious mind whilst asleep and so on.

3. Chatted to another networker who is interested in setting up a team of people with different skills to work with SME’s, particularly franchisees to give hem the support that they often do not get from the franchiser once they have paid their money – this includes inspirational stuff and coaching. Not altogether sure about the detail yet but it’s something I definitely would like to be part of and explore!

4. At the end of the meeting got talking to a lady who is part of another networking group that she has invited me to join and speak at. She also has a personal challenge in her life right now that we chatted about. Interesting and very Sad. Not sure how I can help but she told me all of this for a reason. I know I will see her again and that if I can help I will be guided.
Contemplating this one!

So – life is still very exciting and interesting right now and I ain’t done yet!! I’m really just beginning!

See you on the next up date!

Love and BLessings


When you find your Passion – Life becomes a Pleasure!

August 22, 2007


16th August 2007

Soooo true!

I had managed to work myself in to massive frustration by lunch time because I felt as though I was busy getting nowhere quickly. As I listened to myself get annoyed with myself I decided to step in and sort myself out!


I reminded myself of one of my favourite quotes:-

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your paying small does not serve the world. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.


The parts in bold echoed around my head, heart and soul. Your playing small does not serve the world. And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same


For me it was a call to action to get off my whinging backside and DO some thing!

So – I got off my whinging backside and DID something!! 🙂

I took myself down to the local estate agents office and asked to speak to the branch manager. He immediately appeared and I explained that I was looking to work with companies who were interested in increasing their sales. Did he have 5 minutes to chat? Of course he said Yes….so we chatted……for about half an hour as I explained to him the technologies that I had learned, use and teach and how they could impact on sales for the business. I appreciated that he was not the decision maker – head office arrange training…but what kind of training did they provide….and would his team find it useful…..and did he thing the company would be interested?
Now, it didn’t bring me any work….yet…..but he did give me a valuable chance to practice my pitch, elicit their training strategy and have an insight in to where my training would be most useful in this business. Now, when I call head office, I can say that I’m calling on recommendation and sound knowledgeable about the business! 🙂


I popped over the road to the Primary Care Trust. I buzzed the intercom and a little voice asked if she could help. I said ” Could I come in and pick your brains for a minute?”
She said “yes! Come on in!”
So I did 🙂
A lovely lady on reception listened to my ramblings about who I was and what I was looking to do, a little confused about who to put me through to she chose some one who dealt with GP referals.
Along came another lovely lady who also listened to my story about wanting to work with GP’s – referring patients to me who had chronic health problems or obesity issues that they were unable to resolve with them….and she said…..”I’m not the right person but I think I know who is……bear with me a minute and I’ll see if they’re in”
Off she disappeared and along came another lovely lady 🙂
She again listened patiently to my tale and gave me the name of the gentleman (her boss) in commissioning that I need to speak to. Unfortunately he was in a meeting this afternoon, she would give him all the details. Would it be ok if I needed to to come back another day?
Of course!!
So she took my business card and I hope to hear from him soon to progress my goal!


Next door to the Primary Care Trust is a division of the Business and Learning Department for Swindon College. Hmmmmm………….I wonder……
So I popped in there….nothing to lose……and yet another lovely lady asked if she could help me. I don’t know I said – let me tell you why I’m here…….I was just passing and thought I’d pop in on the off chance……I do blah, blah, blah…….and I wondered if there was an opportunity for us to work together .
Igot a really positive response and much interest about what I do which was lovely. Again the lady I needed to talk to wasn’t there ….holiday season isn’t it…..but they gave me her email address and telephone number and told me that she’s back in work on Monday. Email her and she would get back to me next week. So I have 🙂

I came home – did a belated Hour of Power and then emailed two other people with regards to giving a talk in schools – the lady who does my cold calling for me, her husband happens to be a school teacher and she sent me the contacts for his school and another.

Cool 🙂


This evening a gentleman I met through networking came round to give us some mortgage advice with regards to buying another property to improve and sell on.

Gosh, it’s all go with this making dreams come true lark isn’t it! And I feel SOOOOO much better than I did by lunchtime this morning!!

So – time to go and chill a little!

Stay AMAZING out there!

Love and Blessings


Update on that Leading Lady!

August 22, 2007

10th August 2007

So today……
Had an awesome business networking breakfast event. Used my 60 second slot to briefly explain what I do and to offer any one in the meeting who is an employer, employee, runs interest groups, or knows any one in schools, mother and toddler groups, support groups etc to do them a free presentation at any of their venues.
From that I have been asked to present at a team meeting for Bank of Scotland and to do a series of presentations to local community groups at a regular charity event from October.
I also have potential new coaching client .
At the end of the meeting when pretty much everyone else had gone, I took the group leader to one side and had a little chat with him. He is a lovely, lovely man. A gentle giant and I know from a previous experience that he is suffering from very low self-confidence right now , so I offered to work with him for 5 minutes if he was willing so that he could create confidence whenever he needed it. He said yes straight away! So I took him and the area leader who happened to join us before I got started through a stacking anchors process.
His face beamed afterwards and I explained to him that it wouldn’t tackle the cause of feeling that he is not self confident but at least he had an additional resource whenever he needed it quickly! He was so grateful, it was lovely.

So that was how today began and it’s been amazing ever since with some really proactive business stuff and a lovely letter from a care manager that I recently did some training for offering to recommend me to others and provide me with a testimonial.

13th August 2007

No networking meetings for me this morning but a chance to get my practice insurance sorted as you might have seen on the other thread about it, and also to meet with a couple of business contacts this afternoon.

The first meeting was with a marketing company who are doing cold calls for me at the moment….although perhaps now I could teach them a thing or two about eliciting buying strategiesHelen is lovely and doing a great job for me. We got talking about coaching and I happened to mention that I was offering to do free short sessions for various groups including schools. She was intrigued and asked more…then told me that her husband is a teacher and would I be interested in contacting the relevant person in his school to do a talk? You bet!!!! She also has a contact in Gloucestershire for teacher training that she’s going to email me with too. AND….haha! more…….she’s part of a business breakfast group in Gloucester who are looking for speakers…..yep – I’m your gal!!! I’ll be getting those details and contacting them asap!


My next meeting was with a gentleman who has a recruitment agency for care workers and nursing staff. Their USP will be in supporting their clients with training and personal development. Hmmmm…..interesting! My timing today was perfect it turns out as tomorrow they have their board meeting and training and development id high in the agenda. He is extremely interested in both the medication training that I can provide as well as the leadership, communication skills and goal setting training I’m developing. On a personal note he’s also interested in NLP and wanted to know more about coaching. By the end of the week I should have a meeting set up with the clinical director who doubles as the training and development director – cool!!

Each day brings so many wonderful opportunities to share this stuff it’s fantastic



Life as the Leading Lady in my own play!

August 7, 2007

j0428648.jpgJust got back from the most AMAZING, INSPIRING and OUTSTANDING course – SRI Coaching – NLP and Beyond. A NeuroStrategy Practitioner Certification course. It met all of my expectations and a zillion more and now I am stoked! There are so many ways that these skills can be used to benefit people all around me and I am thrilled to be in a position to go out and do that. I can – and I most certainly will!

Having got back on Sunday, I spent yesterday catching up in the office and with life in general and I took out my list of things to take action on and got started. Here’s where I got to:-

  1. Set up the Yahoo group for fellow grads
  2. Sent out the contact details list to all grads
  3. Put out a message to 4Networking group leaders to let them know I’m available for presentation slots
  4. Sent off for the pack I need to register as a complimentary therapist with the NHS
  5. Here’s the amazing one………

Took a walk up the road to the local Sanctuary Housing complex and spoke to the warden about going as a volunteer to visit elderly folks there who perhaps didn’t have many visitors. He pointed out, as I suspected that I would need to be CRB checked first but gave me the address of their HO to enquire about this.

So I walked a bit further along the road to a care home and knocked on the door. The manager answered and I explained why I was there and he invited me in for a chat. As we chatted he mentioned that he was looking for some counselors or someone to do some training with his team so I picked him up on that. I offered to do him a free taster session the power of focus and anchoring and he was thrilled! He asked me about team building events and could I run something for him – to which I replied “Of course!” J and we chatted about the format and possible content when he mentioned a need for conflict management. “Perfect!” I said, “I have exactly the right exercise that you can put your team through to help enormously with that!”

Before I left he also mentioned that he had had some money awarded to him for training, his personal training and would be very interested in some one-to-one coaching sessions too.

WOW!! Talk about amazing!

We’ll be talking some more soon and I’ll keep you posted but that just demonstrates the power of serving!

  1. Went to a coaching and mentoring workshop at the university, a session on Elite Performance and whilst it was all about sport and I didn’t know all of the people being spoken about, it did give me another idea to follow up with regards to helping sports people find a compelling future to prepare them for life after the sport is gone.

So that was yesterday – today was not quite such a whirlwind but so far I:-

  1. Got up early and travel for an hour and three quarters to network and share some of the things I’d learned
  2. I caught up on the membership certificates for the community radio station I’m involved with
  3. I did some proactive marketing of my business
  4. Emailed a friend of mine to elicit some strategies for working with referred patients in the NHS
  5. Went to visit the Sure Start Centre in a deprived and very needy area of Swindon to offer to give a free training session for staff and or parents. That lady I need to see in son holiday but I had a really lovely chat to the receptionist who wrote down for me the person’s name, telephone number and when they’ll be back so that I can pursue it I a week or so
  6. Had an interesting call with a coaching client and got to practice Perception Projection J it worked perfectly actually!
  7. sent out an email to a few friends in the TR/SRI arena to organise getting together as a Momentum Group on a regular basis to support eachothers development and hod eachother to a high standard.

So – life is pretty interesting, excting and amazing right now. I intend to make it even more so with each new day.

Love and Blessings!!