Life as the Leading Lady in my own play!

j0428648.jpgJust got back from the most AMAZING, INSPIRING and OUTSTANDING course – SRI Coaching – NLP and Beyond. A NeuroStrategy Practitioner Certification course. It met all of my expectations and a zillion more and now I am stoked! There are so many ways that these skills can be used to benefit people all around me and I am thrilled to be in a position to go out and do that. I can – and I most certainly will!

Having got back on Sunday, I spent yesterday catching up in the office and with life in general and I took out my list of things to take action on and got started. Here’s where I got to:-

  1. Set up the Yahoo group for fellow grads
  2. Sent out the contact details list to all grads
  3. Put out a message to 4Networking group leaders to let them know I’m available for presentation slots
  4. Sent off for the pack I need to register as a complimentary therapist with the NHS
  5. Here’s the amazing one………

Took a walk up the road to the local Sanctuary Housing complex and spoke to the warden about going as a volunteer to visit elderly folks there who perhaps didn’t have many visitors. He pointed out, as I suspected that I would need to be CRB checked first but gave me the address of their HO to enquire about this.

So I walked a bit further along the road to a care home and knocked on the door. The manager answered and I explained why I was there and he invited me in for a chat. As we chatted he mentioned that he was looking for some counselors or someone to do some training with his team so I picked him up on that. I offered to do him a free taster session the power of focus and anchoring and he was thrilled! He asked me about team building events and could I run something for him – to which I replied “Of course!” J and we chatted about the format and possible content when he mentioned a need for conflict management. “Perfect!” I said, “I have exactly the right exercise that you can put your team through to help enormously with that!”

Before I left he also mentioned that he had had some money awarded to him for training, his personal training and would be very interested in some one-to-one coaching sessions too.

WOW!! Talk about amazing!

We’ll be talking some more soon and I’ll keep you posted but that just demonstrates the power of serving!

  1. Went to a coaching and mentoring workshop at the university, a session on Elite Performance and whilst it was all about sport and I didn’t know all of the people being spoken about, it did give me another idea to follow up with regards to helping sports people find a compelling future to prepare them for life after the sport is gone.

So that was yesterday – today was not quite such a whirlwind but so far I:-

  1. Got up early and travel for an hour and three quarters to network and share some of the things I’d learned
  2. I caught up on the membership certificates for the community radio station I’m involved with
  3. I did some proactive marketing of my business
  4. Emailed a friend of mine to elicit some strategies for working with referred patients in the NHS
  5. Went to visit the Sure Start Centre in a deprived and very needy area of Swindon to offer to give a free training session for staff and or parents. That lady I need to see in son holiday but I had a really lovely chat to the receptionist who wrote down for me the person’s name, telephone number and when they’ll be back so that I can pursue it I a week or so
  6. Had an interesting call with a coaching client and got to practice Perception Projection J it worked perfectly actually!
  7. sent out an email to a few friends in the TR/SRI arena to organise getting together as a Momentum Group on a regular basis to support eachothers development and hod eachother to a high standard.

So – life is pretty interesting, excting and amazing right now. I intend to make it even more so with each new day.

Love and Blessings!!

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2 Comments on “Life as the Leading Lady in my own play!”

  1. Alan Gee Says:

    Found this blog quite inspiring – good on you!

    Like the article/blog on dreams – I’m a dreambuilder too so I know where you’re coming from on that.

    Happy to help out any way I can


  2. teejay648 Says:

    Thanks Geeman,

    So lovely to hear from another dreamer – there are not enough of us about! 🙂 Life should be lived without limits – an interesting and sometimes scary thing to do but WOW! does it make you feel truly alive!!!

    I can see that you are out there making a difference in what you do – Outstanding! I Love it!

    Atay AMAZING!

    Love and Blessings


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