Update on that Leading Lady!

10th August 2007

So today……
Had an awesome business networking breakfast event. Used my 60 second slot to briefly explain what I do and to offer any one in the meeting who is an employer, employee, runs interest groups, or knows any one in schools, mother and toddler groups, support groups etc to do them a free presentation at any of their venues.
From that I have been asked to present at a team meeting for Bank of Scotland and to do a series of presentations to local community groups at a regular charity event from October.
I also have potential new coaching client .
At the end of the meeting when pretty much everyone else had gone, I took the group leader to one side and had a little chat with him. He is a lovely, lovely man. A gentle giant and I know from a previous experience that he is suffering from very low self-confidence right now , so I offered to work with him for 5 minutes if he was willing so that he could create confidence whenever he needed it. He said yes straight away! So I took him and the area leader who happened to join us before I got started through a stacking anchors process.
His face beamed afterwards and I explained to him that it wouldn’t tackle the cause of feeling that he is not self confident but at least he had an additional resource whenever he needed it quickly! He was so grateful, it was lovely.

So that was how today began and it’s been amazing ever since with some really proactive business stuff and a lovely letter from a care manager that I recently did some training for offering to recommend me to others and provide me with a testimonial.

13th August 2007

No networking meetings for me this morning but a chance to get my practice insurance sorted as you might have seen on the other thread about it, and also to meet with a couple of business contacts this afternoon.

The first meeting was with a marketing company who are doing cold calls for me at the moment….although perhaps now I could teach them a thing or two about eliciting buying strategiesHelen is lovely and doing a great job for me. We got talking about coaching and I happened to mention that I was offering to do free short sessions for various groups including schools. She was intrigued and asked more…then told me that her husband is a teacher and would I be interested in contacting the relevant person in his school to do a talk? You bet!!!! She also has a contact in Gloucestershire for teacher training that she’s going to email me with too. AND….haha! more…….she’s part of a business breakfast group in Gloucester who are looking for speakers…..yep – I’m your gal!!! I’ll be getting those details and contacting them asap!


My next meeting was with a gentleman who has a recruitment agency for care workers and nursing staff. Their USP will be in supporting their clients with training and personal development. Hmmmm…..interesting! My timing today was perfect it turns out as tomorrow they have their board meeting and training and development id high in the agenda. He is extremely interested in both the medication training that I can provide as well as the leadership, communication skills and goal setting training I’m developing. On a personal note he’s also interested in NLP and wanted to know more about coaching. By the end of the week I should have a meeting set up with the clinical director who doubles as the training and development director – cool!!

Each day brings so many wonderful opportunities to share this stuff it’s fantastic



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