Friday 17th August 2007

This morning I had the honour and pleasure to be the guest speaker at a networking breakfast event. I recreated thes black bin bag performance (thank you Steve!) and the impact on the audience was amazing! It REALLY made them go inside and think! AWESOME!

Following that I had several really good meetings with people.

1. A lady who helps people feel confident by looking good – she does the whole thing from consultation to colour analysis to personal shopping…..what she doesn’t do and she is well aware of this…is get to the CAUSE of the lack of self confidence. Tada!!!!! In comes ME!!!! Some synergy here – she would like to refer her clients to me to del with the real issues….I would like to refer clients to her once they have dealt with the issue and want to move forward to change their image! Cool!

2. I met with a solicitor and explored the possibilities of training her company in some of the skills we learned i.e. rapport building, anchoring, conflict management etc. Apparently….her firm does not provide any training of this kind and in her opinion it would be invaluable not just for the solicitors but for the admin/reception staffs well. She is very keen to pursue this training. Also – from a personal point of view she wanted to know did I work with children – her 6 year old daughter is already having self-confidence issues especially at school which are concerning her. I’m thinking – excellent! I can work not only with the child perhaps with Time Line/temporal dynamics but also with the parents to teach them some of the technologies e.g anchoring, “pink elephants” talking to the unconscious mind whilst asleep and so on.

3. Chatted to another networker who is interested in setting up a team of people with different skills to work with SME’s, particularly franchisees to give hem the support that they often do not get from the franchiser once they have paid their money – this includes inspirational stuff and coaching. Not altogether sure about the detail yet but it’s something I definitely would like to be part of and explore!

4. At the end of the meeting got talking to a lady who is part of another networking group that she has invited me to join and speak at. She also has a personal challenge in her life right now that we chatted about. Interesting and very Sad. Not sure how I can help but she told me all of this for a reason. I know I will see her again and that if I can help I will be guided.
Contemplating this one!

So – life is still very exciting and interesting right now and I ain’t done yet!! I’m really just beginning!

See you on the next up date!

Love and BLessings


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2 Comments on “”

  1. lifecreativitycoach Says:

    Sounds like you are working hard and succeeding in making some good contacts.


  2. teejay648 Says:

    Hi Terri,

    Like you – I’m taking consistent steps to make my dreams happen! 🙂 It’s good to hear from you – keep ptting the goodness out there!

    Love and Blessings


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