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28th August 2007

September 24, 2007

Loving life, loving learning, loving Loving!!

Gosh! The weekend just whizzed by so MAGNIFICENTLY! I had the most amazing family time, it has been so precious. Had the opportunity to practice a phobia cure…..a fear of wasps! when we were out having lunch at a craft fair at Blenhiem Palace!

Began my day with my usual hour of power – a “run” on the Gazelle Glider followed by 20 mins on the stepper followed by 30 mins meditation – the best way to begin the day!!!!!

Spent the whole day preparing and practicing a presentation on anchoring that I will give at the Chamber of Commerce event on Thursday.

Had a wonderful conversation with Sweatal, just back from Australia and keen to come to our Mastermind group on Thursday evening.

Touched base with the events organiser for Thursday to make sure I tailor my presentation to their needs.

Won a holiday!!!!!!!!!! Yep – 7 nights at a 5 star resort in either Austria, Tenneriffe, Turkey or Spain for upto 4 people to be taken any time with in the next 18 months…..coooooooooooollllllllllllll!!! 🙂
Talked to my mum, watched a movie with my little one and caught up with you guys 🙂

How was today???

Pretty damn good actually!

How’s tomorrow gonna be?

AWESOME actually!! Have a meeting with the training officer from Sure Start at 10am and then a few few other irons in the fire to follow up on 🙂

Ahhhhh ain’t life grand???

Stay AMAZING out there!

Love and Blessings


24th August 2007

September 24, 2007

Thursday and Friday tis week I’ve been working in pharmacy conducting medicines use reviews – love it! the chance to make a difference in people’s health always gets me excited! I’ve been really practicing my rapport skills and noticing people preferred internal representations so that I can use the same modality when talking with them.

Last night I had the opportunity to practice collapsing anchors with my 9 year old daughter. Today I had the opportunity to help a member of staff create a resource anchor and also took her through the Swish pattern. It was so lovely! She came into the consulting room to ask my advice about an anxiety challenge that she had – I think she got more than she could have ever imagined – way better than Rescue Remedy! and came out beaming!

Called the solicitor contact I’ve made and have set up a meeting in 2 weeks time (she’s on holiday next week) to discuss training with her and the practice manager.

Last night had a call from a 4Networking leader in Street to ask me if I could do the guest speaker slot for her meeting on the 4th Sept so called her straight back to confirm this and put in my diary. Cool! Another outing for the black bag!

Small steps……small steps……

22nd August 2007

September 24, 2007

Got the day off to a great start with an Hour of Power – has to be the ONLY way to get going in the mornings!!

Had a lovely email from someone in Australia that I used to chat to lots from the Tony forum. That was followed by a another unexpected and equally lovely email from the training manager at Wiltshire Social Services.

Called the training manager at Sure Start, she was on holiday when I popped in last week so thought I’d follow that up. I have arranged to go and meet with her next Wednesday at the Childrens Centre. Not sure what will come of it – just putting it out there

Wrote to the manager at the residential home, just to say why I would like to visit the residents so that he can formally acknowlege my request and give me written permission.

Spoke to the lady who is running a series of open days for charity. The 1st event is on the 28th September in aid of McMillan Hospices – the Big Coffee Morning. So I’m booked in to do the 1st in a series of talks there.

Had an email form the lady I mentioned last week who’s husband is very depressed. She’s very wrapped up in her story and I believe that the issue is that her husband does not feel like a man in the relationship and therefore has given up. She’s not sure that I can help (she’s spoken to 2 counselors already and they can’t help) I know that I can with the help and experience of some of you guys out there. I will be making the opportunity to chat with her next time I see her.

Oh – she actually emailed me to invite me to the business lunch she runs. I’m now officially booked in not only for lunch – I’m the guest speaker with my black bin bag too!!!

I know that you guys are all out there making a difference too. Big steps, little steps. a mixture of both…….celebrate every single occasion that you get to practice and teach what we learned. It is so powerful. You are so amazing. Don’t forget to share!

Tuesday 21st August 2007

September 24, 2007

Another quick update from me.

A quiet weekend neurostrategy wise – haha! we all have to relax some time! I did however go through the phobia cure with my 9 year old daughter who is no longer afraid of spiders. Every time she sees one now she goes up to it for a closer look to see if it has knobbly knees and is wearing red socks!! 🙂

Yesterday I popped into the residential home that I walked into 2 weeks ago and had that great response from the manager. The manager was thrilled to see me and apologised for not being in touch – he was on hols last week. The good news is that I do not need a CRB check in order to visit the residents. If I let them know I’m coming they’ll allow me to talk to residents in their rooms will a member of staff present or I can chat to anyone in the communal area without supervision. He cannot believe that I do not want any payment for this and is insisting that there is something in to for me – erm……..there is…..contribution and the pleasure of letting these folks light up!! However….if he insists then I’ll ask him for a testimonial and some referals 🙂

He’s spoken to both his boss and the team about the team building event and is very keen to go ahead with this once he has everyone’s views. He even introduced me to one of the senior care workers as the person who is going to run some team building events and training sessions for staff. Cool!

I got home to hear the answer machine beeping – a message from a lady that I met very briefly at the breakfast meeting last Friday. We didn’t get chance to chat as such – she caught me on the way out to tell me that she had really enjoyed my black bag trick(!) This lady is an events manager and is running a business networking event to the Chamber of Commerce next week.
The chap doing a workshop for her in the afternoon yesterday announced he would only present to 30 people – she already had 40+ attending and was frantically trying to solve the issue. My black bag presentation had given such an lasting impression that apparently I was the 1st person she thought of and called to see whether I was available and willing to come and run some workshops for the event. We had a really lovely chat and I checked my diary – luckily free cos it’s school hols and I hadn’t booked anything in. Quickly thinking on my feet I suggested that I could do a session on anchoring – What an anchor is, how to use them, how they can be used in business etc. and then to get them to go through the anchoring process with eachother.

Hooked!! She thought this was marvelous! I booked in and being advertised as the main event!! haha!!

“And superb business development coach Tracey Dowe of Momentum People will be giving an intensely intriguing workshop on emotional triggers. Guiding us through understanding these triggers known as anchors, Tracey always has a fun and insightful way of showing us how to use them to great benefit”

How funny is that!! I am thrilled!! Grinning like this……