22nd August 2007

Got the day off to a great start with an Hour of Power – has to be the ONLY way to get going in the mornings!!

Had a lovely email from someone in Australia that I used to chat to lots from the Tony forum. That was followed by a another unexpected and equally lovely email from the training manager at Wiltshire Social Services.

Called the training manager at Sure Start, she was on holiday when I popped in last week so thought I’d follow that up. I have arranged to go and meet with her next Wednesday at the Childrens Centre. Not sure what will come of it – just putting it out there

Wrote to the manager at the residential home, just to say why I would like to visit the residents so that he can formally acknowlege my request and give me written permission.

Spoke to the lady who is running a series of open days for charity. The 1st event is on the 28th September in aid of McMillan Hospices – the Big Coffee Morning. So I’m booked in to do the 1st in a series of talks there.

Had an email form the lady I mentioned last week who’s husband is very depressed. She’s very wrapped up in her story and I believe that the issue is that her husband does not feel like a man in the relationship and therefore has given up. She’s not sure that I can help (she’s spoken to 2 counselors already and they can’t help) I know that I can with the help and experience of some of you guys out there. I will be making the opportunity to chat with her next time I see her.

Oh – she actually emailed me to invite me to the business lunch she runs. I’m now officially booked in not only for lunch – I’m the guest speaker with my black bin bag too!!!

I know that you guys are all out there making a difference too. Big steps, little steps. a mixture of both…….celebrate every single occasion that you get to practice and teach what we learned. It is so powerful. You are so amazing. Don’t forget to share!

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