24th August 2007

Thursday and Friday tis week I’ve been working in pharmacy conducting medicines use reviews – love it! the chance to make a difference in people’s health always gets me excited! I’ve been really practicing my rapport skills and noticing people preferred internal representations so that I can use the same modality when talking with them.

Last night I had the opportunity to practice collapsing anchors with my 9 year old daughter. Today I had the opportunity to help a member of staff create a resource anchor and also took her through the Swish pattern. It was so lovely! She came into the consulting room to ask my advice about an anxiety challenge that she had – I think she got more than she could have ever imagined – way better than Rescue Remedy! and came out beaming!

Called the solicitor contact I’ve made and have set up a meeting in 2 weeks time (she’s on holiday next week) to discuss training with her and the practice manager.

Last night had a call from a 4Networking leader in Street to ask me if I could do the guest speaker slot for her meeting on the 4th Sept so called her straight back to confirm this and put in my diary. Cool! Another outing for the black bag!

Small steps……small steps……

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