28th August 2007

Loving life, loving learning, loving Loving!!

Gosh! The weekend just whizzed by so MAGNIFICENTLY! I had the most amazing family time, it has been so precious. Had the opportunity to practice a phobia cure…..a fear of wasps! when we were out having lunch at a craft fair at Blenhiem Palace!

Began my day with my usual hour of power – a “run” on the Gazelle Glider followed by 20 mins on the stepper followed by 30 mins meditation – the best way to begin the day!!!!!

Spent the whole day preparing and practicing a presentation on anchoring that I will give at the Chamber of Commerce event on Thursday.

Had a wonderful conversation with Sweatal, just back from Australia and keen to come to our Mastermind group on Thursday evening.

Touched base with the events organiser for Thursday to make sure I tailor my presentation to their needs.

Won a holiday!!!!!!!!!! Yep – 7 nights at a 5 star resort in either Austria, Tenneriffe, Turkey or Spain for upto 4 people to be taken any time with in the next 18 months…..coooooooooooollllllllllllll!!! 🙂
Talked to my mum, watched a movie with my little one and caught up with you guys 🙂

How was today???

Pretty damn good actually!

How’s tomorrow gonna be?

AWESOME actually!! Have a meeting with the training officer from Sure Start at 10am and then a few few other irons in the fire to follow up on 🙂

Ahhhhh ain’t life grand???

Stay AMAZING out there!

Love and Blessings

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One Comment on “28th August 2007”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I found your blog from the AR forum. It’s great. I love the ways you have found to apply Tony Robbins’

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