About me!

024.jpg  I’m Tracey Dowe, founder of Momentum People, TeeJay to my friends. I graduated from Aston University with a degree in Pharmacy Bsc Hons and have been working passionately in pharmacy for many years. I guess what I loved about it was being able to help, support, encourage and motivate people and make a difference to how they felt. No wonder I progressed into the world of Life Coaching!! The two are really pretty similar aren’t they! Getting people to take responsibility for their own lives and wellbeing, to set goals and to take action, to follow through consistently to make a difference to the quality of their lives
As well as being a pharmacist, I am a qualified coach in Business Performance and Life Coaching. I am a certified NeuroStrategy Practioner, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist and Hypnotherapist and I’m PASSIONATE about people, about life and about giving.
I like to get up early and workout before my day begins. I always start my day with exercise, gratitude, vision, celebration and incantations.
I also like to eat healthily and drink plenty of water and green drinks in order to alkalise and energise to ensure that I bounce through my days with the energy to keep going from early morning to late into the night, making the most of every precious minute of every beautiful day.
I LOVE a challenge, I thrive on it, it makes me come alive, enthuses me and excites me.
My mission in life, my purpose is to Inspire others to find the best in themselves and to give the best if themselves. What’s yours? I LOVE what I do and feel totally excited, totally energetic and totally incredible every day! My life is such a gift and I am so blessed that I want to share that with as many people as can in this life
I work from home which is in Swindon, England and work with clients internationally. I am totally committed to enabling others to make decisions, set goals, follow through with actions and make their dreams come true
My highest value is in learning and growth. I can motivate myself to do anything if I can find a way to learn some thing by doing it. It’s a real procrastination buster for me as well as a driver to do things I might otherwise be afraid of. Something scary can rapidly become an exciting opportunity with a little self talk!

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